Kevin grew up in Colorado, Iowa and Texas.

Kevin lives in The Permanent Now and is an Awaken, a living buddha.

At age fifteen, Kevin began searching for a way to get out of suffering. At thirty-eight, Kevin transcended self-identification with the mind, the ego, let go of suffering and Woke Up into The Permanent Now - an Awaken.

Kevin's writings provide shrewd and accurate guidance to spiritual Awakening and enlightenment, crafted by a living buddha, an Awaken. Kevin's focus and brevity deliver concise and easy to read writings on spiritual Awakening and enlightenment.

After Awakening, Kevin wrote Appamada and Haiku – Crafted by a living buddha, Volumes One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and Seven, which provide accurate guidance to spiritual Awakening and enlightenment.

Use Kevin’s writings as guidance to spiritual Awakening and enlightenment and help you Wake Up and live in accurate Reality, which is The Permanent Now.