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Human's concept of time is highly inaccurate

Time-Spiritual Enlightenment

Linear Time Is an Illusion

Future time doesn’t roll or move into the Present and then roll or move into the past. You think Time is linear because you live in the illusory linear reality of past and future consciousness.

Now is all there is. There is nothing outside of Now! After you Awaken, you will come to this direct realization.  It's awesome.  Highly liberating. happy-cried a lot.

This non-linear structure of the universe allows your most accurate Self, Pure Awareness-Bliss, to have an almost limitless potential for the evolution or Integration of Now.

This structure of the universe allows your most accurate Self, The Self, to manifest whatever Needs To Be in order for you to have The Dream you call your life and this universe. This structure is the only way there can be no problems in The Present.  LOL.  If Time were linear, the lack of potentiality would be claustrophobic!

This direct realization of the accurate structure or flow of integrative change/time and how this universe evolves allows you to accurately live in the Present without fear. It’s always Now and there are no problems Now.

Instead of perceiving time as linear, become aware of time as the Integration of motion and things in Space. This integrative change is what you perceive as time and you mentally create the linear realm of time when you identify with the mind. Your identification with the mind or <insert your name here> bends your Awareness and you perceive integrative change as the illusory past and future.

You will probably never believe this.  This is fine.  Don't believe it! Wake Up for yourself, find out for yourself and be your most accurate Self. Watch everything on the inside, continuously and with a smile.




P.S.  If you're still curious, do this. :)

Post on my Twitter or FB accounts and tell me where you found the past or future. Either one is fine. I'm not picky. :) Tell me wherever I can find either one of those things in this universe.  Give me a location. LOL :)



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